DiACardio LTD, & UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions Announce Partnership

June 26, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
UltraLinq Healthcare joins efforts with DiACardio to bring new decision support tools to the world of cardiology. DiACardio LTD, a revolutionary decision support tools company for cardiologists, has finalized an agreement with UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions to integrate their tool set into UltraLinq's cloud based image management and reporting system.

This partnership will ultimately result in several support tool integration efforts for the two companies. The first tool that will be integrated into UltraLinq's system is the LVivo EF, DiACardio's proprietary technology for automated calculation of Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction (LVEF). Combined with UltraLinq's technology, this tool can be used anytime, anywhere, whenever users access their exams. This integration, as well as several planned future integrations, will allow UltraLinq users an in-depth tool set not previously offered on the market.

UltraLinq's CMO, Dr. Ross Hoffman is hopeful for what this partnership will mean to cardiac imaging and patient care. "Recent ACC/AHA guideline updates regarding the treatment and evaluation of heart failure underscore the importance of reliable, standardized, reproducible and quantitative reporting of left ventricular function. The combined capabilities of Ultralinq and DiACardio represent a leap forward in cardiac imaging, establishing a new standard in echocardiography. This advancement allows us to diagnose illness more reliably, share images with colleagues more readily, and with precision, quantitatively track response to treatment in an era where CRT devices are being recommended more frequently. Cardiac experts are delighted by the products' combination of precision and convenience."

DiACardio's Chairman Arnon Toussia-Cohen added: "We believe that UltraLinq is the right long term partner for utilizing DiACardio's technology within a cloud based environment, and presents our customers with the automatic, reliable, accurate, fast and reproducible tools they are looking for".

About DiACardio LTD
DiACardio LTD (www.diacardio.com) is a revolutionary decision support tools company for cardiologists using echocardiography. DiACardio's proprietary technology "LVivo" is a unique and innovative platform, capable of automatic detection of the LV wall without any need for intervention by the echo-cardiologist or sonographer. In addition to integrating with UltraLinq's solution, DiACardio's software package is designed to be easily integrated into CPACS systems (Windows or Linux based) or into portable and cart based ultrasound units.

About UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions Inc
UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (http://www.UltraLinq.com) is a client-centric, affordable, cloud-based medical image reviewing and management service. Through UltraLinq exams can be securely uploaded, reviewed, distributed, and archived from anywhere with Internet access.