The Million Dollar Screenshot offers real pixels for advertizing at the lowest cost-per-click

December 05, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Pixel advertising was initiated at the end of August by Alex Tew and his now famous homepage. The basic idea is to sell pixels by hundred to companies for putting their logo (or any other image) and a link to their website. It has been extremely successfull and has lead millions of visitors to discover new websites. However, all these pixels were purely virtual. The Million Dollar Screenshot is based on the same idea but with a major difference: the pixels are real. The ads take the form of an icon on a real computer desktop that is then published on the internet. This new website, located at, i already ranked among the most visited ones by Alexa and has been well perceived both by the visitors and the advertizers. It offers a unique opportunity with one of the lowest cost-per-click of the today advertizing market.