presents its addition of Interactive Tools as a resource for parents and children.

July 15, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News understands that there are many learning styles. Some people are visual learners and benefit from pictures, graphs and diagrams, while other are conceptual learners that can grasp the concept in whatever format that the subject is presented. Most children are familiar with interactive toys and books, so having health information in this format is easily understood by the vast majority.

The goal of is to present health information in an acceptable, easily understood format that will get accurate health information to parents, care givers and children. Having health information in an interactive format will utilize the tools with which children are familiar and get the health information across to this audience. has several pages of quizzes for every age group on a broad selection of topics.

Some health topics are sensitive both for the parents and children to discuss, yet parents should not miss the opportunity to explore and correct misconceptions that could potentially harm their children or influence their judgement. can be a useful tool to provide the information in a simple, accurate format that emphasize statistics, so that the child does not feel that he or she is being targeted or that the problem or learning need is unique to him or her. An example could be issues related to eating disorders in which the parents would like to open a dialogue but are unsure of how to approach the topic. could be the neutral source that is free of bias and is neither representing the child nor the parents. It is not uncommon for parents to blame the child for not trying hard enough. Is it really that the child is not trying or is it something more serious? Take the quiz and check your knowledge. No one is seeing the answer except you.

The interactive tool allow the parents and children to take the quiz and review the answers. It is an assessment tool to evaluate if more learning is needed on any topics and helps to plan accordingly. So, the opportunity is there to have a pre-test, discussion then further reading which can be done at the family's convenience in their home, on their time and without any expense to increase the health knowledge of all family members.

How can parents stay current on the dangerous practices that adolescents engage in, all in the name of fun and for challenges they face among their peers? One example is the abuse of intoxicating inhalants, take the quiz at

Parents worry about their children and lack of common health information should not be added to the list, as this can easily be addressed. Informed children tend to make better informed decisions. Parents cannot be with their children to protect them all the time, but imparting values and wisdom with their child will stay with them wherever he or she goes. is only a click away.