Offers Tips & Tricks for Photographing New Born Babies

July 01, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News has made it incredibly to produce high quality and professional photo birth announcements, but getting that photo to put into your birth announcement can be a challenge all by itself. Photographing a newborn for the perfect baby announcement can be challenging. No matter how cute they are, catching that perfect moment, in the perfect lighting, and in the perfect setting can be a daunting task. Here are some ideas to help make the job a little less stressful.

Tips and Tricks

Finding the right angle can sometimes be a difficult task. Try taking a photo of the baby from his/ her level. For example, lay on the floor with the baby and bring the camera. Try taking a close up photo of the baby; opt for the zoom, instead of putting the camera too close to the babies face. Additionally, try zooming in on a specific area like a foot or hand. Capture the little things.

The best lighting for infant photography is natural. Increase the iso if needed and/ or open the f-stop. If blotchiness is an issue you can try taking the photo in black and white. If you're doing a shoot, take time to play with the exposure and set up the focus. Use another medium to set up before bringing the baby in. This way you are ready to go so you don't waste time during the actual photo shoot. Put the camera on "continuous shooting," if you have the option.


There are a couple things to keep in mind during infant photography, for the safety of the child. Don't use a high-powered flash on infants of 3 months or younger. Avoid a harsh light as well, for example, mid-day sun. It can be harmful to the child. Additionally, make sure the baby is always within reach of a parent during the photo shoot. Also, keep the area safe and soft, in case of rollover. Don't ever shake a baby, it can cause serious injury.

Getting Attention

Sometimes getting the baby to smile or give the camera attention can be difficult. It's best to work with a happy baby. One that has been recently fed, has had its nap, and is dry. Make sure to provide the baby with a comfortable spot during the photo shoot. Use silly sounds or peek-a-boo to get the baby's attention. Additionally, a parent should be behind the camera to keep the baby's focus. Smile at the baby to provoke a response smile. An assistant can be very helpful in getting the baby's attention while you capture the shots.

Children don't stay little forever it's important to capture those cute moments now. Find time to photograph. Use natural lighting, close ups, and great angles to produce beautiful photos. Additionally, provide the baby with a comfortable and safe place during shoots. Entertain the child with silly sounds and smiles to promote beautiful photographs.