Freeware Flip Reader Adds Support for Offline Flipbook Viewing

July 02, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Flip Reader has been introduced by, providing readers with the ability to view page-flipping e-books while offline. The e-books created with Flip PDF, Flip PDF Professional, Flip Shopping Catalog, and Flip Corporate Edition in .fbr format are supported, in addition to flipbooks in .zip format created by any FlipBuilder software. Many more people can view flipbooks with the new reader; its free availability and simple download makes it accessible and highly versatile.

The .fbr format has been added to Flip PDF version 3.9.1 and later. Users can update their software from the company's website in order to create .fbr e-books. The reader is available from and is installed immediately following the download. Flipbooks can then be viewed even on computers without a Flash player or other tools needed to play multimedia files. The format is perfect for outputting e-books for offline use or via email; anywhere a .zip file is supported.

Users have a more versatile option than the standard HTML output, which allows people to read flipbooks only while connected to the Internet. They do not even have to unzip the file. Flip Reader has a very simple interface similar to that of FlipBuilders software tools for converting and publishing e-books. It is compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP, so all users of the software and readers of page-flipping e-books with these operating systems can take advantage of the program's simplicity.

Users operate the software by opening files in the "Recent Projects" section. There is also access to acquiring Flip PDF or Flip PDF Professional, plus links for contacting the company for more information or help on using the software. People can learn more or take advantage of the free download simply by logging onto the product's website at

About is a subsidiary of Wonder Idea Technology Limited, founded in 2008 and based in Hong Kong. Specializing in digital publishing tools and other business software, the company has produced innovative software for creating flipbooks. The software is suited for creating e-books, magazines, brochures, reports, flyers, newsletters, catalogs, and many more types of multi-page documents.