Online LED Store Moves to Reduce Injury in EMS Professionals with New LED Dash Light Technology

July 05, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
A supplier of emergency lighting technology is hoping to put a big dent in the number of injuries to first responders reported each year., specializing in emergency vehicle warning lights, has added products including two models of detachable windshield dash lights to their online inventory.

"This is a step in the right direction for first responders that utilize their personal vehicle to respond to calls. Some of the more extensive lighting systems can be expensive, and out of the budget of many volunteer responders." Stated Brian "our goal is to provide more affordable, more visible lighting for professionals to keep them safe."

The need comes on the heels of reports from around the country of first responders being injured in the line of duty.

While civilians typically understand that they must heed to an emergency vehicle, many don't realize that those same laws apply when they are approached from behind by a first responder in a personal vehicle with overhead and dash lights flashing.

In Florida alone, approximately 18,000 drivers received tickets for violating the "move over" law last year, which requires drivers to move one lane over when approaching a stopped emergency vehicle or slow to 20mph.

During an investigation into civilian response to emergency vehicle in April of 2013, ABC Action News stated that they "saw many cases in which drivers appeared to be briefly confused about what to do when they saw emergency vehicles coming"
Education of the law is important" Stated Brian "but we also need to ensure that the people who protect us every day can be clearly scene. Our LED technology is proven to be bright even during daytime conditions. That visibility is what will ensure we keep our professionals safe."

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