Window Tin Pro Adds New Custom Cut Auto Tint Kits For The Summer

July 09, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Houston, TX July 9, 2013 - Window Tint Pro announces the release of its new auto tint kits. These kits represent a highly affordable option to paying someone else to tint your windows. They are computer designed and precut to fit your specific vehicle windows. The application is quick, convenient, and easy. Composed of ply black car tint, they represent the most affordable do-it-yourself option to date.

Applying window tint film to your vehicle offers you a number of advantages that untreated windows simply cannot give you. One of the more obvious of these is appearance. A vehicle with tinted windows has a more distinctive look that sets it immediately apart and makes it stand out in the parking lot. You also have more privacy in a vehicle with tinted windows. Not only is it more difficult for people to see you; it is also more difficult for them to see the valuables you might be carrying with you in the vehicle.

Your interior will be protected if your windows are slightly darkened. Because our auto tint kits block 99% of the sun's ultraviolet light, the color of your seats, dashboard, and floor coverings will not fade nearly as much as they would if they were exposed to the sun's full spectrum. Considering this, the obvious health benefits to your skin also become readily apparent. If you commute for a total time of over 1 hour per day, think of how much UV radiation your skin would otherwise absorb just from sitting in a vehicle with untreated windows.

Auto tint kits also improve the overall performance of your vehicle. Because they significantly cool the interior, less air conditioning is needed to maintain a comfortable space. Different shades of film are available to block varying levels of light. We also have kits for any make and model, along with one specialty kit designed especially for the Nissan Altima Coupe.

Window Tint Pro is an online retailer of window film and tinting tools for the do it yourself-er as well as the professional tinter. It is their mission to be a one stop shop for all your tinting needs as well as to offer their customers their years of installation experience in the industry.