Insightlink Launches 360 Degree Feedback Survey System

July 16, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Pasadena, CA - Insightlink, makers of effective employee survey tools, is releasing their new 360 Degree Feedback Survey System today. This simple employee survey will provide employers with the information they need to keep their employees engaged, and their companies moving forward.

The start-up of Insightlink 360 Degree Feedback Survey System has companies intrigued. The 360 Feedback System offers thorough questions to assist employee development and its simple structure allows for employers to comfortably use it within their own companies. Insightlink also tailors the survey design to a company's specific wants and then sets up a user interface for each company. From there, the employer selects both subjects for the 360 review and the appropriate raters for each subject, easily uploading these names in a simple Excel file. The Insightlink 360 system then sends each participant a link to their specific surveys.

After all participants have completed their surveys online, the system will compute findings for each subject being reviewed. Insightlink's standard 360 survey contains variety of different rating categories, and so subjects can see their performance from several perspectives. According to an Insightlink associate, " With these different perspectives, an Insightlink 360 report paints a more complete picture of an individual's strengths and opportunities for development of their performance and skills." This assessment will give an employer a more accurate direction of a course of action to take when there are issues. This launch will have employers lining up to get it.

The 360 Degree Feedback Survey System was designed based off of Insightlink's prototype employee satisfaction surveys, which implements the use of the four C's: Commitment, Culture, Communications, and Compensation. By using a basic model of discovering where employees fall on these dimensions, employers are able to categorize their staff by seeing if they are loyal, satisfied but likely to leave, seeking change, or simply disengaged. Insightlink's surveys are useful in that employers can figure out where they need to implement change within their organizations to help their employees become more engaged. The surveys can also be used to compare results with Insightlink's normative benchmarks, which are updated on a regular basis.

About Insightlink Communications
After a client raised concerns about the effectiveness of their existing employee morale survey, President Robert Gray of Insightlink discovered that there was a need for an improved approach to employee surveys and that he could create a company to resolve that need. He assembled a team and together they worked on forming more useful and effective employee surveys. In 2001, they formed the company Insightlink Communications where they have created several survey types, the most recent being the 360 Degree Feedback Survey. For more detail please visit,