Chandler Family Dentist Now Offer IV Sedation Dentistry

July 16, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Impressions Dental is pleased to announce that Dr. Tye A. Thompson has added sleep dentistry to the list of services offered. When you dread anything that has to do with needles or the drill, this sedation dentist can now help you to get the oral health care you need while you rest and relax.

During your treatment, you receive an IV sedation that contains an effective anti-anxiety drug. The result is a stress-free experience of a wide range of dental procedures that might otherwise leave you fearful and uncomfortable. If you are one of the thousands of Americans who have put off needed dental treatments because of fear, take heart in the fact that now there is finally a solution to the problem.

You already know that your oral health has a direct relationship with your overall physical well-being. If your gums and teeth are unhealthy or infected, there is a good chance that your heart and other organs are at heightened risk of disease and failure as well. Get on top of your oral health now, and avoid problems with your overall physical condition in the future.

Dr. Thompson has perfected the art of numbing the treatment area and inserting the IV for the anti-anxiety drug. Although you are alert and can easily follow all of the directions the dentist gives you during the treatment, time seems to fly, you have no memory of the procedure and the procedure is over before you know it. Since you are not unconscious, you do not have to fear the types of health risks associated with full anesthesia. When combined with the pain killers the dentist uses during the procedure, you not only have a relaxed but also a pain-free experience that at last takes the worry out of major dental procedures.

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