Multi Channels for Ad Networks Launched by Epom

July 17, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Epom, the international ad serving and ad management solutions provider, has announced today about the launch of Multi Targeting Channels for its Publisher and Enterprise solution. New feature is specially developed for Ad Networks and Large Publishers to optimize their workflow by applying universal ad tags based on Epom Targeting Channels. Ad content can be delivered now to multiple publishers using one piece of code, while reflecting all performance metrics in Analytics reports just like if you were using separate codes for each publisher.

The universality of Multi Channels is that they can be applied for all possible targeting parameters: age, gender, preferences, registered/ non registered user, etc. as well as for values that could be identified by Epoms' algorithms. In particular, those auto-identified values are the most useful ability when it comes to using Epom Channels. Auto-detected values for Channels such as domain, language, IP, browser, OS, and more allow to use one universal tag and get statistics with breakdown by those auto-detected values. This gives amazing results, for example, when using Channels with Cookie Targeting, to target visitors by data stored in cookies.

"Channels are the most convenient way to manage complex set-up that ad networks and large publishers usually have," said Artur Rakytskyy, CTO at Epom. "Ad Networks and Publishers are able to target their traffic by all possible parameters, starting from age and ending with domain names. While developing multi channels, our main goal was to give more options to Ad Networks and Large Publishers to control their multiple ad campaigns and receive more precise analytics. We are sure this new feature will increase our clients' profit."

Possibility to monitor and analyze data from across channels in a one single place will not only save time, but also significantly ease management issues. Instead of creating hundreds and thousands ad tags, publishers are able now to generate only one universal tag that will fully solve their requests.

About Epom:

Established in 2010, Epom develops ad serving and ad management solutions for publishers, multi-site content networks, ad networks, and advertisers.

Epom enables its users to run display, video, mobile ads in one place thus saving time, resources and bringing more profit. Epom is massively scalable platform suitable for any impressions volume that needs to be served.

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