New EZTrackIt Android App Takes Paperless Package Management Beyond the Reach of Wi-Fi & Cell Towers

July 18, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
REHEBOTH BEACH, DE July 18, 2013 - In the heart of the American desert, there are many things. Towering saguaro cacti. Tumbling tumbleweeds. Road runners and coyotes who look nothing like their Loony Tune counterparts. But what you won't find is wi-fi or consistently reliable cell phone service. The same can be said for sub-basements, deep within hotel service areas, the bowels of hospitals and a whole host of other dead zones where packages must be delivered.

That's a big problem for any business that needs to make deliveries, says Patrick Weir, CEO of EZTrackIt. "The ability to dependably, reliably document package deliveries is a non-negotiable requirement in today's world. Business owners need a way to defend themselves against claims that packages never arrived or arrived damaged. The New EZTrackIt Android App provides this documentation in even the most remote locations where cloud-based package tracking systems were previously inoperable."

Weir, an innovation specialist within the package tracking world, was inspired to create the Android App through his interactions with a Native American reservation who needed to deliver its goods and accept deliveries in remote desert areas where wi-fi and cell service aren't always available. "It's really taking our core service paperless package tracking and management to the next logical level."

The EZTrackIt Android App is designed to store delivery confirmation information while offline, which can then be synced to the cloud based package tracking software when wi-fi or cell service becomes available. Integrated barcode reading technology allows for deliveries to unmanned locations, and no printing is ever required.

Previous to the EZTrackIt Android App, limited paperless package tracking system services were available from Pitney-Bowes and UPS, but at a high cost, Weir says. "You don't need to purchase expensive proprietary hardware to use the EZTrackIt Android App. We tested it on the Motorola MC-40 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, making our solution not only affordable but flexible as well! Being able to use their own Android enabled device with our package tracking software and app will save the small business owner thousands of dollars."

Patrick Weir is available for interviews.