Consumeron Introduces Unique On-Demand Personal Assistant

July 18, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Los Angeles, CA - Los Angeles based telepresence gurus, Consumeron, have taken their years of experience to provide the ability for Americans to get more done in the day, to oversee the work being done, and to do so without having to leave their homes and office. Through the development of a "virtual personal assistant," users are able to connect with specialized "grabbers" who are run individualized errands on their behalf, all while staying connected.

Home delivery is nothing new to consumers and providers. However, Consumeron's virtual personal assistant services, takes it to a whole new level. With a fully integrated acuity system, not only do customers have access to the most efficient delivery system thus far developed, but businesses providing delivery service can also assure greater quality control. Each vehicle equipped with the Consumeron personal assistant app, transmits sound and video of what is currently taking place, back to the business. Also, with the GPS capabilities included, businesses and customers can both find the nearest qualified grabber, saving time and delivery costs.

The Consumeron software has been developed as an intellectual property for sale. What this means is that it can be licensed by any large company, such as UPS,, or Target and adapted for their personal corporate needs. Those who invest in intellectual property apps save money that would have gone to developing the same application from the ground up.

About Consumeron
Consumeron has been dedicated to creating personal assistant apps that make both the lives of the consumer and the supplier more efficient. Through the use of their telepresence software, they are not only keeping the consumer on track, but keeping the world of commerce moving. For additional information please visit,