FACEmeeting Announces Preview of New WebRTC Communications Platform

July 23, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Today FACEmeeting announced the preview demonstration release of the FACEmeeting platform, a next generation WebRTC based video communications platform. The FACEmeeting platform is being designed to deliver high quality, reliable online meetings in a face-to-face environment.

By using WebRTC in one of the most advanced implementations to date, FACEmeeting delivers HD quality video without the need to download and install any specialized web conferencing software. The preview demonstration is designed to let users experience the high quality video and overall stability of the FACEmeeting platform before the full Beta release with advanced capabilities later this year.

The website also provides a WebRTC test environment to quickly determine if a device/browser is WebRTC enabled. FACEmeeting delivers visually stunning meetings which can start immediately or be scheduled in the future with a simple one-click user experience. "FACEmeeting is the ultimate next generation communications and collaboration platform, providing high resolution video without downloads. The goal is a quick, simple, one-click meeting without compromising quality" said Jason Fedore, Founder of FACEmeeting.

The FACEmeeting platform is built using the WebRTC architecture pioneered by Google in 2010. It is now becoming an international standard. By enabling peer-to-peer media connections within web pages and other applications, WebRTC is poised to change the communications market in dramatic ways. The technology facilitates real-time communication and is being adopted across the industry. WebRTC is currently supported in the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox internet browsers. While WebRTC has not been readily available on mobile devices previously, the release of the Chrome 29 Beta with Android support leads industry analysts to predict over 1 billion WebRTC enabled devices by the end of 2013. FACEmeeting uses this core technology to deliver a cutting edge solution with superior performance. The team has been working on the platform since 2011, when the first announcements of the WebRTC standards and APIs were released.

To experience FACEmeeting, simply point any WebRTC-enabled browser (currently Google Chrome 28+ or Mozilla Firefox 22+) to www.facemeeting.com. The next step is to enter the host and participant email addresses. Invitations are sent and a WebRTC powered meeting is ready to begin. The quality of the meeting will be defined by the participating devices, but an HD camera delivers an exceptional video experience.

The FACEmeeting preview is the first step in an aggressive roll-out of the capabilities of the overall platform. The next step is the Beta of FACEmeeting, which will be launched in the fall. Visitors to the site can register to be invited to experience FACEmeeting as Beta users when it becomes available. FACEmeeting will offer users advanced meeting capabilities as well as other features such as contact integration, calendar integration, advanced identity management and screen / document sharing. Facemeeting is a cloud service and it supports bring-your-own-device (BYOD) compatibility.

FACEmeeting is an early stage investor funded start-up. The company is pursuing a unique opportunity based on the emergence of new standards in communication capabilities based on WebRTC and HTML5. The goal of the company is to build an open communications platform enabling users to start with simple face-to-face video and then add collaboration tools and other capabilities to enhance the meeting. With WebRTC enabling a billion devices to use the platform by the end of 2013, the company believes it is on the path to creating a new paradigm in virtual human interaction. FACEmeeting is a registered trademark of FM Holdings Inc.

For additional information or press contacts, contact Paul Ruffolo at paul@facemeeting.com or 412-310-9290.