Blog Hands Utilizes OnlyWire Technology to Improve Their Inbound Marketing Service

July 23, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Every blog post is like a planet in the vast universe of cyberspace, awaiting to be discovered to become popular; and if lucky, to become one of the most popular blog posts among the multitude of blogs vying in the vast expanse of cyberspace. If a blog post isn't given an audience, then how can it be discovered and grow in popularity?

"What is the point of blogging when no one can see it?" Chris Barber

Starting on August 01, 2013, Bloghands ( will utilize OnlyWire Technology to better enhance its Inbound Marketing Service and ensure that every client's website or blog is properly configured and well promoted across the World Wide Web.

About Bloghands

Bloghands is a team of SEO Consultants, web developers, and copy writers who have gathered together to create a unique online blogging and promotional services that will effectively promote their clients websites and blogs to other social networking sites and media; thereby increasing traffic and visibility which are good for online businesses and bloggers who want to create a name for themselves.

In addition, Bloghands also writes blog posts for their clients then promote them through social sharing websites like stumbleupon and delicious. The real good news is that Bloghands will now utilize the technology of to further enhance their inbound marketing services and offer clients the ability to share their content on 50+ networks. They are steadfast in their belief that this will further give boost to Bloghands inbound marketing services and will eventually give their customers competitive leverage over other competitors in the market. There is an air of assurance on their tone as they expect to give better services as the company grows.

"When we write blog posts they are like our children. We are really proud of them and want to see them grow. OnlyWire will help us do an even better job at increasing the visibility of our clients content," enthused by the experts on Bloghands.

About Onlywire
But first, allow us to anticipate that you might ask what OnlyWire is all about? If you are indeed asking, fear not because you are not the first person who asked about it. OnlyWire is an efficient marketing tool that instantly submits your website/blogsite to more than 50 plus leading social media communities. It is a tool used to automate the process of posting of your website's content to social networking and bookmarking sites.

The secret is in promoting blog posts simultaneously into and across various targeted sites online. This is called automatic blog syndication. Because our world now is highly dependent on the World Wide Web or simply called the internet, having your presence on top and highly credible social networking sites or websites means increasing your opportunities to be seen; and most importantly, to earn that coveted cash! The battle rages on because experts, website owners and bloggers alike are aware that there is huge money to be made if only one's content can be properly promoted.

Currently, Inbound Marketing is considered by many the best way in transforming reluctant website visitors into buyers, clients, and even promoters of your own site, blog, or online business.

Inbound Marketing does not instantly sell products to consumers who are extra careful on spending their hard-earned cash; instead, it enters subtly into consumers mind by attracting their attention with rich and engaging contents like eye-catching designs and meaningful blogs that can provoke interaction. Consumers, then become familiar with the site, forming some kind of bond and positive connection with it; eventually, your site will gain the trust of your visitors, making them more likely to participate and interact with your blogs and with other users until they are finally transformed from being just mere readers to believers and buyers of your product!