ProMarketing Leads to Open Data Analytics Division

July 25, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Omaha, NE July 25th, 2013 ProMarketing Leads (, a leading provider of targeted direct marketing lists, has announced that they will be opening a Data Analytics Division by the end of Q3. With their new technology offering, ProMarketing Leads will be able to take a client's customer file, and run it against a comprehensive internal Consumer Marketing Database or Business Marketing Database. They then will append or overlay all type of demographic and purchase behavior data elements and analyze them to reveal the common data elements shared by the customers.

Brad Allen, President of ProMarketing Leads, explains, "When you have a marketing profile on your customers, and you understand the demographics, purchase behaviors and interests of your customer base, it makes acquiring new customers much easier. Through the attainment of knowledge like this, clients typically enjoy much higher marketing ROIs as they are no longer just "spraying and praying" with their direct marketing efforts. Instead, they can simply focus on those mostly likely to convert and respond to their offer."

By developing a profile of a business's typical consumer, ProMarketing Leads can leverage their massive pool of consumer and business contacts to generate an optimally targeted direct mail, telemarketing, or email list that will contain the prospects most likely to respond to your offer and become a customer. In the past, data analytics assessment was an outsourced function of ProMarketing Leads' business offerings, but due to the ever-increasing demand for the service, the decision was made to bring the service in-house.

Asked about the impact that his new in-house Data Analytics Division will have on his business, Allen continued, "With the ever-growing data and tools available to us to produce lists, this just makes sense for our company. Some in the media have raised questions about privacy concerns but we recently produced a white paper that addresses these concerns, and shows that many of them are simply unfounded."

The whitepaper referenced by Mr. Allen is titled, "Marketing & Privacy: Can Lead Lists be Generated Without Being Intrusive?" and can be found here:

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