Texas Lice Removal Company Offers Simple Treatment In A Single Session

July 27, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
A new lice treatment has arrived in Texas, and it's full of "hot air"

BRYAN, TEXAS Nit Not, LLC battles the resistance lice are developing to traditional methods with its unique and innovative technology, AirAllé. In a world where chemical treatments for many ailments are less and less effective, lice have crawled onto the bandwagon with a vengeance. But Nit Not will help you fret not.

Chemical Resistance

Much like antibiotics, lice are evolving resistance to common treatments like shampoos and creams, even doctor prescribed remedies. As of 2013 about 60% of lice are resistant to at least one common remedy, if not more. In some areas 100% of lice are impervious to treatments.

Resistance to home remedies is another rapidly increasing problem. Once upon a time, a parent could slather a child's head with common products like olive oil, vinegar, and mayonnaise in order to suffocate the insects. But even these treatments prove to be ineffective in the wake of the resistance lice continue to grow.

Lice Have Negative Impact on Education

Elementary children are most likely to suffer from a lice infestation, and as a result of the growing resistance, children may suffer from frequent absenteeism. Nit Not seeks to reduce the amount of school children might miss, as well as help them overcome their lice dilemma as soon as possible.

"Even though lice don't spread disease, they are still one of the most stressful childhood ailments," said Sonia Watt, founder of Nit Not. "They have a reputation for being difficult to remove and on top of that both parents and kids often miss out on work and school. We use a fast and effective treatment and even provide a certificate of treatment for kids to show their schools."

Many schools have "no nit" policies, which prevent students from coming to school, even if all adult lice have been removed. The process at Nit Not allows students from these kinds of schools to attend classes.

Affordable Treatment

Nit Not offers affordable, appointment based sessions at the center or at home that utilize the revolutionary AirAllé.

AirAllé is a device that uses controlled heat and airflow to dehydrate lice and nits. It is unique in its absence of chemicals and also because it kills nits, the eggs common treatments leave behind even if they prove effective at killing adult lice.

One treatment at Nit Not includes:

  • Head checks for the entire family
  • 30-minute session with AirAllé
  • Post treatment comb-out to remove lice debris
  • 14-day guarantee
  • Free second treatment if lice found within two weeks

  • Learn more about Nit Not at www.4nitnot.com.

    About Nit Not

    Nit Not was founded by Sonia Watt, a former teacher with certifications in multiple fields. The center specializes in lice mortality but also offers advice on what to do to prevent lice, especially in children at school or who have frequent sleepovers. Nit Not is the premier lice treatment center in Bryan, Texas and the only treatment center in the area that uses AirAllé technology.

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