SlimSurveys Launches Micro-Survey API and Partners with Realtidbits

August 01, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
San Diego, CA — August 1, 2013 SlimSurveys, the micro-survey platform, today released an API to its entire platform and announced a strategic partnership with Realtidbits, a real-time commenting service. As the company's first developer partner, they will be leveraging its micro-survey API to take advantage of the platform's survey construct, which puts limitations on the survey creator much in the same way Twitter does when users compose tweets.

The company now offers the first micro-survey API providing developers, publishers and enterprise partners with new tools beyond the traditional extraction of data that most survey companies offer today. SlimSurveys has unlocked the high value core functionality and exposed it for developers to build anything they can dream up. "The SlimSurveys API allows for anyone to leverage an entire survey infrastructure without the need to support or manage one," according to Sean Callahan, Co-Founder & CEO.

The SlimSurveys API allows developers to easily add functionality to any web app or mobile platform, including iOS and Android, by seamlessly integrating surveys and other micro-interaction functionality natively into any app experience to collect and display customer feedback. The platform was built as a true REST API, focusing on being lightweight and performant, supporting both XML and JSON. The company plans to continue to grow its API offering to create the most expansive survey platform.

The first company to leverage the SlimSurveys micro-survey API is Realtidbits, a San Diego based real-time commenting service for the social web. "The micro-survey platform at SlimSurveys allowed us to quickly add a polling solution into our commenting service," said "Kelly Abbott, CEO of Realtidbits. "Our customers are extremely happy that their users can create multiple-choice polls within the comment streams of their blogs and websites increasing engagement and time on site which in return will yield them more advertising dollars."

"We are very excited to launch our micro-survey API with Realtidbits and create a new platform for other developers and company's looking to build interesting applications and integrate micro-surveys and polls into their existing products," Callahan remarked. "One of the brightest spots of our platform, in addition to new developer tools not offered by any other survey company, is a financial incentive to work with us. Since our product generates revenue developers will have the ability to generate revenue alongside us within our eco-system."

"We are excited to see how developers will use our micro-survey platform," stated Rodney Rumford, Chief Product Officer. "There are countless use cases for this new micro-survey API. We're going to see a lot of developers leverage this product by integrating it into their iPhone or Android apps to collect feedback to improve their users experience and prevent bad reviews ending up in the AppStore. There will probably be some developers that venture out to leverage the platform and build review and recommendation apps. The possibilities are quite far reaching in the sense that this now allows any developer to ask questions and gather responses from their audience, which could apply to virtually any market." Developers looking to explore the SlimSurveys micro-survey API can get started by visiting the company's developer portal.

About SlimSurveys:
SlimSurveys is a micro-survey platform. The service focuses on delivering tools to create highly engaging surveys that people want to take using question limits, images and micro-interactions. It allows survey respondents to quickly and easily answer a survey in 30 seconds or less. The company aims to become the leading micro-survey platform presenting developers, publishers and enterprise companies with the most expansive survey API available. SlimSurveys is a partner in the Rackspace Startup Program and is being incubated at EvoNexus, a CommNexus Incubator.

About Realtidbits:
Realtidbits is a real-time platform for user-generated content and user analytics. The company and platform are focused on solving the needs of the #SocialTV and #Journalism markets. Realtidbits products include realtime comments, forums, galleries, and pinboards, which enable user-generated content from on-site and off-site sources for inclusion on publisher destination sites. Realtidbits helps publishers and media companies understand their visitors and move them up the ladder of participation. Customers include ABC, ESPN, WWE, The CW Network, Reuters, DowJones, NASDAQ,, The Toronto Star, and the Irish Times.