Motion Source still uses an Apple1

July 30, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Motion Source Video Production from Chicago is using an Apple1 on (or should we say in) their latest film. The short is due to be released this Fall all over the world's film festival circuit for pure entertainment via "without a box".

Recently another Apple1 sold for almost $400,000 - Four Hundred Thousand!

Of the estimated 200 original computers made by Steven Wozniak and Steve Jobs in their California garage, there are less than 50 thought to still be in existence. Where are the rest of them? John Scaletta, partner at Motion Source says he keeps hitting the local garage sales but hasn't seen one yet.

However, he does remember one being buried in a 1976 bicentennial time capsule by his social studies teacher who started a computer club after he bought an Apple 1. Scaletta and his buddy Eric were in the chess club, also run by the same teacher, so they kind of slid right into the new club - "we weren't dorks…just geeks" said Scaletta.

His old grade school teacher has since passed away and he may be the only kid from that 70's class that remembers a museum worthy computer is still resting in a time capsule waiting to be unearthed in 2076. The thing is, he could really use the money, and since the computer club owned that Apple1, and he and Eric were essentially the computer club, is it rightfully theirs? Should they go dig it up?

Well that's the plan; they're going to go dig it up…what could go wrong?

To find the answer to that question you're going to have to watch the short film "iDig" written by John Scaletta and Craig Bass.

The duo own the Chicago video production company Motion Source and have been working on the film since December 2012. This short stars Joe Mack, a career Chicago actor, and two rock stars: Steve Nations, who fronts a few bands in the windy city, and Steve Strauss, the bassist of Smidgen.

iDig is set to hit the 2014 festival circuit.

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Hope ya dig it!