Energy Survey and Waste Analysis Bring Big Savings through Energy Efficiency for Companies

December 06, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
HOUSTON — The high cost of electricity and natural gas may cause many companies to move from profit to loss, but retail electric providers want to prevent that from happening by offering help through NBI, even to companies that are not their customers.

Vantage Power Services and StarTex Power are recent additions to NBI, the National Business Initiative to cut energy costs by improving operational energy efficiency. As NBI affiliates, Vantage and StarTex offer all qualifying corporate and industrial energy consumers a free analysis to determine ways to make an immediate reduction in energy costs. The service is provided at no charge through NBI affiliate, Corporate Alliance, and is available by request.

"Experience has shown that the minimum savings is 15 percent or more. With companies spending $10,000 or more on energy costs per month that savings can be substantial," said Mike Logan of Corporate Alliance.

"You do not need to be a customer of Vantage or StarTex to request the free audit. They care enough about helping Texas companies, that they support the NBI program on behalf of the consumer," explained Logan.

Energy costs have doubled, and those costs continue to rise. The United States Department of Energy is projecting 30 percent sustained increases in the cost of electricity. Continued increases may result in layoffs and reduced rate of growth in the job market.

"Most commercial and industrial users waste anywhere from 15 percent to as much as 45 percent of the energy they purchase. This problem is solvable. It is solvable within their current energy operating budget. The audit not only shows where the waste is taking place, it also provides specific solutions. Savings are immediate," said Logan.

The potential efficiencies improve profitability, save jobs and improve the environment.

"High energy costs are dangerous to the entire economy. Some U.S. policies have artificially held costs in place. However, you can only keep your finger in the dam for so long and then the dam's going to break. Failure to address the issue will shrink profits and cost jobs.

"Both of those problems can be prevented and even reversed. As a CEO or CFO, how would it affect your business to go from 65 percent energy efficiency to 95 percent energy efficiency?" Logan asked.

Commercial and industrial energy users with $10,000 per month, or more, in combined energy bills can request the free energy analysis by sending a fax request on company letterhead to NBI affiliates listed below.

Vantage Power Services
Fax: (713) 973-9453

StarTex Power
Fax: (713) 357-2890

Corporate Alliance
Fax: (281) 248-4486

"In these days of rapidly escalating energy commodity prices and increasing foreign oil dependency, energy efficiency is not only a business imperative, it also enhances our national security," said Brig. Gen. U.S. Army (ret) Thomas White, former Secretary of the Army, and a current Corporate Alliance director.

Corporate Alliance, the point team for NBI, is a professional cost control firm providing systems and financial solutions, which significantly reduce energy costs and certain other utility related expenses.

"Our primary product is core cost containment. Our purpose is to implement proven solutions, which reduce fixed operating expenses by 15 to 45 percent," said Logan.

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