Epom Engross its Supported Ad Formats with IAB Mobile Rising Stars

August 02, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Epom Ad Server, an international developer ad serving solutions, owned by Epom Ltd., has announced that its supported ad formats now include five new IAB-compliant formats - Mobile Rising Stars. The news is especially good for marketers who aim at increasing campaigns' effectiveness and having better influence on potential buyers.

"Mobile has evolved to be, perhaps, the most significant part of digital ad mix. One of our permanent goals is providing our clients with the most advanced advertising opportunities. As to our most recent implementation, they have already reported popularity of the new formats with their customers. Epom's Mobile advertising formats ensure maximum users' interaction and generate a much better return than traditional mobile banner ads are capable of. All of our formats have been developed especially for increasing reach, growing brand awareness and rising the conversion rate" - commented Anton Ruin, Epom's CEO.

The five Rising Stars formats include: Slider, Filmstrip, Adhesion Banner, Push and Full Page Flex. A Slider is kind of an overlay ad unit, inducing users to slide the whole page over and therefore giving them more control over their advertising experience. A Filmstrip is a scrollable ad unit, either vertical or horizontal, getting much involvement from users due to the vast range of content possibilities that may be delivered. An Adhesion Banner is capable of changing position according to the device alignment. Pushes and Full Page Flexes are expandable to full screen size and making users' interaction with ads controlled.

"We do our best to stay up-to-date and provide the most cutting edge mobile technologies," said Mr. Ruin. "We understand our clients' desire to engage consumers more efficiently, and feel that the demand has been met thanks to the new mobile ad formats."

About Epom:

Founded in 2010, Epom is a provider of advanced solutions for serving and managing ad campaigns, suitable for both advertisers and publishers, multi-site content and advertising networks.
Epom lets users run display, video and mobile advertisements all in one place, and therefore saves them time and resources, and helps to generate more profit. Epom is a massively scalable platform able to serve any needed volume of ad impressions.

To learn more, visit http://epom.com