Atlantis Hydroponics Making Big Changes to Retail and Online Offerings

August 05, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Atlanta, GA - Atlantis Hydroponics, a leading provider of grow lights and hydroponic systems is branching out to offer a totally new product line on both their online site as well as their brick and mortar stores. Atlantis Hydroponics is proud to announce that they will now carry a full line of Beer Making and Wine Making supplies for the novice as well as the experienced beer and wine connoisseur.

Beer making and wine making are both incredibly fast growing industries where customers are quite selective in terms of the quality of products that they decide to purchase. Because Atlantis Hydroponics has long been one of the leading providers of hydroponic systems, it is only logical that they would branch out into beer making and wine making.

Atlantis Hydroponics has researched the various suppliers of beer and wine making supplies and settled on only the best. Beer making kits from Atlantis Hydroponics start at around $70 which should provide you with plenty of materials to make several batches of incredibly flavorful beer. Each kit comes with everything that is needed to make beer including yeast, hops, malt, and malt extract. When these materials are combined with water and allowed to ferment, beer is produced in only a few short days. Home brewed beer will taste like no other beer on the market. It has a much hoppier taste which is preferred by most beer lovers.

Atlantis Hydroponics, an Atlanta area supplier, also offers a variety of wine making kits which are great to help learn how wine is created and bottled as well as the characteristics that constitute good wine.

Visit Atlantis Hydroponics at today to learn more about their full line of beer and wine making supplies.