In a time of gloom for car dealers, is automotive direct mail the “old dog” that is learning new tricks for the auto dealer?

December 05, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Automarks, located in Watkinsville, GA, says it has the cure for slow automotive sales and many dealers are apparently agreeing with them. Automarks says they have taken a stale industry and revitalized it with both creative direct mail and high-tech direct mail response systems.
Vetter the founder and CEO said, “We discovered many years ago that the majority of automotive direct mail companies spent 95% of their time trying to figure out ways to improve their direct mail sales rather than their direct mail. We did just the opposite. We spent an entire year developing products that worked before we even sold our first piece.”
It seems this strategy has paid off for Automarks. Within the past 24 months their direct mail sales have soared and they now limit their sales to a manageable level rather than looking for new customers.
We spoke with two dealers that used Automarks direct mail and both had the exact same results and comments. Both dealers, one in New York and one in Texas said they were overwhelmed with response and sales soared around the direct mail campaign. Each said they planned to run again month after month.
Both dealers also confirmed what many are saying about newspapers. The continued decline of readership has made them a much less viable source of marketing.
Dealers can find out all the direct mail information at the company website or contact them at 706-310-0100.