offers tips to reduce anxiety as a part of the back to school preparation

August 05, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
As the summer closes its door and the preparation for fall begins, teachers, students and parents are busy planning for the next school year. recognizes that the anxiety is very high for some parents and their children.

For some parents and children, this will be the first time that they are separated from each other. This is not a voluntary separation for just a few hours in which the parents can simple bring the child home when they miss them. This is a set period of the day in which the time of "drop off" and "pick up" is dictated by the school district and other authorities. Parents may feel that they have lost control of their children. Some feel vulnerable that their children's activities are no longer theirs to approve or disapprove within reason. is available to help parents and children cope with separation anxiety, which is a normal part of development. To learn more about separation anxiety visit,

Educators are not immune to anxiety. Some are anxious because it is their first job or because of the many regulations and pressures of their students standardized test results. Schools are graded by the performance of the students. So, as the new school year approaches the teachers are busy working on their lesson plans and sharpening their skills on how to get and keep their students engaged. Administrators and school board members are searching for funding to provide the best learning environment and the best tools that are available. They strive to expose each child to the most stimulating learning environment and prepare them to face the competition of other students around the world. This type of anxiety may be considered as "good anxiety." KidsWorldMD featured article on anxiety addresses some of the benefits of good anxiety,

Why should parents, educators and students worry about global competition?
Modern technology has made the job market very competitive. Many companies have offices in different countries all working on the same projects simultaneously. These companies have the options of choosing their employees based on their qualifications and skills. Distance is no longer an issue as the internet, telephone, fax machines make communication spontaneous. Employers have choices and can set up a central office to serve the local community that is located thousands of miles away. can be accessed anywhere in the world where the internet service is available and it is free. It is a source of valuable health information and can be used as part of the education process.

So, what causes anxiety disorder?
There are many theories about what causes anxiety disorders. Some say it is a response to the environmental factors, or perhaps a chemical imbalance of norepinephine and serotonin levels in the brain. Other theories combine a myriad of factors that influence the child's life. has a wealth of information to help and prepare the parents, students and educators on anxiety and anxiety disorders. is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment.