announced its Immunization Quizzes

August 13, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
How current is your knowledge about the various immunization recommendations from birth to 18 years of age? Take the quiz and find out. immunization quiz is designed to test your knowledge on both natural and acquired immunity. What does this mean? There is some immunity that is transferred from the mother to the fetus after the third.month of gestation that will naturally provide passive immunity against some diseases in which the mother has immunity. How long will this type of immunity protect the baby? There is immunity that is acquired from vaccinations. The age group that is most susceptible to bacterial meningitis is two months to two years. Will vaccination given shortly after birth offer protection for newborn? The answers for these questions and more can be found at

Many parents are busy trying to get their children ready for schools and colleges and the immunization records are often required by these institutions. Why is this so important? It is in the best interest of all involved that diseases, when possible , are prevented from spreading. An outbreak can cause great human suffering, which could result in fatality, disability, prolonged hospitalization, long absences from work and schools, financial burdens and decreased quality of life, not only for the individual, but the entire family. carries current information that is concise and easy to understand in order for parents, children and providers to stay abreast on the immunization guidelines recommended by the Center for Disease Control. Does the childhood Hib menigitis vaccine protect against all type of meningitis? The answer can be found at is introducing its immunization quizzes that address current health topics related to immunization and common diseases, that can be prevented through vaccinations. KidsWorldMD is aware that sometime situations arise when we least expect them, and it is comforting to have a resource that is reliable, current and easily accessible. Even though it is not meant to replace medical care or advice, it is a good source to prepare parents for what to expect at a doctor's visit, lay the foundation for discussion and give the parents time to formulate questions for the health care providers, It is a tool that can empower parents and children to get more from their medical provider.