Portland Personal Trainer Studio Shares Exercise Tips for Knee Pain

August 06, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
The Art of Personal Training is private Portland personal trainer studio in Portland, Oregon that solely does one on one personal training. A lot of their clients come to their facility for various reasons, but some come for knee pain caused from overuse, an injury that just happened from running, or just a lifestyle event that just occurred.

Top Exercises To Help With Knee Pain:

1. Ride the upright or recumbent bike at a level that does not create the pain. Eventually the intensity will need to be increased, but at the beginning the main importance is to create a fluid motion for the knee joint.
2. Balancing on One Leg: When injuries occur in the knee area, it is rarely the knee itself, it is always the small muscles and surrounding tissues that are causing all of this pain. By forcing the body to work those small stabilizers muscles, they will get stronger and hopefully will alleviate some of that discomfort. In addition, the medial part of the leg will also get stronger, which will help the knee cap track correctly.
3. Strengthen the Hip Muscles: When the outside hip muscles are weak they can create muscle imbalances that can create the knee cap to not function correctly. Walking side to side for a period of time or even uphill can help this area. If resistance tubing is available or instruction is being done by a fitness professional or personal trainer Portland Or, then this method is preferred.
4. Foam Roller: Invest in a foam roller, either black, white or a red one. They can be purchased online or at your local sports store. The area you will want to roll on is the outside or lateral part of the leg, called the IT Band. When this area of the body is super tight, it will cause the knee cap to be pulled to the side, creating knee pain when performing activity. When working at a private studio, gym, or at a resort, ask the fitness professional or personal trainer Portland for assistance and proper technique.

All of these specific exercises can be performed on a daily basis, but if exercise is something that is new, then every other day will be fine. Consistency and frequency is key when rehabilitating a knee injury. If a person just sits and does nothing, then the recovery process is going to be a long hard road. If motivation is something that is hindering the progress, then consult with your physician and ask if maybe hiring a personal trainer or fitness expert is the way to go. The key is to stay moving, do the homework and always strive to the next level. Good luck and be healthy!