Pragnya launches ‘Amruthavarsha’ - Shlokas on Ganapathi, Guru and Navagraha’

December 06, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News

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Pragnya launches ‘Amruthavarsha’ - Shlokas on Ganapathi, Guru and Navagraha’

Amruthavarsha - audio book and CD with ‘Shlokas on Ganapathi, Guru and Navagraha’ was launched by Pragnya at an event held at Landmark book Store today. ‘Padmashree’ ‘Kalaimamani’ Smt. Sudha Raghunathan released the CD. The first copy of the CD was received by Dr. (Mrs.) Kumararani Meena Muthiah, renowned educationist. Other celebrities present were ‘Kalaimamani’ UnniKrishnan and ‘Kalaimamani’ Valayapatti Malarvannan.

The Book and CD pack has vocals rendered by Ms. Uma Mohan, Guitar by Sangeeth and recorded at Aalaya Studios; Chennai. Amruthavarsha is designed and produced for Pragnya by Mr. Pramod Shanker.

Speaking to media and invitees on the launch, Mr V Chandrashekar, Partner, Pragnya said that Amruthavarsha was born out of the need to revive Sanskrit and present the varied benefits of chanting of Vedic hymns in a contemporary and easy format for the current generation.

He said that Mantras were not religion specific as they are basically energy based sounds and when uttered correctly, create thought-energy waves. Mantras eventually quiet the mind, working at a deep level of subconscious mind and are the ultimate stress reliever.

Speaking at the launch, Ms. Sudha Raghunathan said, “This initiative is unique as the interest is not only in people who patronize devotional songs and Indian classical music but everyone who is interested in learning the Shlokas the right way. Reciting the Shlokas in the right way with a proper understanding of their meaning will benefit body, mind & soul.”

Appreciating the initiative by Pragnya, Dr. Kumararani Meena Muthiah, said “It is a welcome initiative by private companies like Pragnya in reviving Indian culture by launching such products and would go a long way in improving the spiritual quotient of our future generations”.

Pragnya’s initiative is to create awareness about the importance of proper pronunciation of Sanskrit Shlokas, through simple English transliteration and supporting vocals, along with English meanings of these Shlokas. All the Shlokas are in their original form to bestow their beneficial powers on the reader.

What is unique about this attempt is that it is the first time Sanskrit has been simplified so as to make it easy for even a toddler to follow the pronunciation guidelines.

For the sake of correct articulation, the transliteration is simplified by splitting each word. The combination of ‘Sound and Sense’ achieved by proper pronunciation and by understanding the meaning of these insightful words, resulting in an enchanting experience. This enables the listener to understand the enormity of Sanskrit words used in the age-old scriptures.

Pragnya’s interest is not only in people who patronize devotional songs and Indian classical music but everyone who is interested in learning the Shlokas the right way. The rhythmic recitation of the mantra and understanding the Shlokas would derive their worth and would exert a soothing influence on the unconscious mind.

The soon to be launched Amruthavarsha series will also include other popular Shlokas on Vishnu and Shiva.

Note to Editors:
Pragnya in Sanskrit is ‘being aware’, a state which symbolizes the transition from living with the body & mind to a higher level of consciousness, which is the ‘Self’.

Pragnya is a company led by two young professionals with a common goal of creating awareness in the modern society about the science of ‘Being’ and understanding the ‘Self’. With products and a wealth of knowledge on philosophy, spirituality, religion and culture, PRAGNYA aims to bring people closer to their inner conscience, enabling them to lead a blissful life, in the increasingly demanding and busy lifestyles. We envisage touching peoples' lives, by sharing meaningful ideas, bringing insight and knowledge in a delightful and rich manner through books, Audio/Video products, interactive workshops, etc.

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