Leading Alaskan Jewelry Store and Online Retailer Unveils Unique Gold Nugget Jewelry

August 12, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Alaska Jewelry, a highly respected hometown jewelry store and a leading online jewelry retailer, today unveiled its line of gold nugget jewelry. All of Alaska Jewelry's gold nugget line is designed with all-natural Alaskan gold, no fakes or imports. This premier line of Alaskan gold nugget jewelry includes a beautiful pendant with diamonds, link ladies watch, men's rings, and more. This pure Alaskan gold jewelry is very rare.

"We could not be happier to unveil our new line of gold nugget jewelry for the folks in our town and, through our internet marketplace, to folks around the world," said Alaska Jewelry's co-owner Tamara Fondell. Her husband Chris, the other co-owner, added "there is romance and beauty in jewelry and we love bringing that to our customers. Alaska is a fascinating place with incredible natural wonders including the beautiful gold we use in this gold nugget jewelry. We hope to share this all-natural Alaskan gold with people around the globe through our secure online marketplace. And even if you decide our gold nugget jewelry isn't for you, we have a wide variety of women and men's rings, alexandrite jewelry, Damascus steel rings, and much more."

Run by married couple Chris and Tamara Fondell, Alaska Jewelry's Goldsmith Gallery began as a small-town jewelry store in Alaska. Following their initial success, the couple sold their fine jewelry online believing that people craved unique jewelry and hometown service. Alaska Jewelry uses a wide variety of materials and designs including diamond, gold, quartz, and glass for their men's rings, alexandrite jewelry, earrings, bracelets, and much more.

About Alaska Jewelry
Established in 1990, Alaska Jewelry began as the only locally owned jewelry shop in their Alaska town. In order to succeed over their chain-store rivals, Alaska Jewelry worked tirelessly to build a customer base, eventually expanding that base through the internet as well. With their 'hometown jeweler' spirit, Alaska Jewelry has become a thriving and high-quality online retailer. To see their wide selection of jewelry, visit their website at http://www.alaskajewelry.com/ or call them toll free at 800.360.5744.