DiaryMemo re-brands and becomes Mindlogr a new video life logging platform

August 16, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
August 16, 2013 - Started in November 2012, DiaryMemo, which is now known as Mindlogr, is a video recording platform which keeps members accounts and videos completely private by default.

In a sharing economy, this is a video logging system which isn't for sharing. There are lots of advantages and benefits from this of course, and the goal isn't to create lots of viral videos to share, but it is for storing and recording personal videos for long term use.
The benefits are that users can record and say anything in their videos in complete privacy, making this somewhat of a personal journey, perhaps even replacing traditional journals and diaries.

Life logging is just hitting the mainstream, with the much talked about Google Glass project soon to be released to the general public. Google Glass aims to change the way people interact with the internet and record their everyday lives, understanding that logging is becoming an activity that people are doing more and more.

Mindlogr is the kind of platform that allows people to record personal thought, in the form of video recordings. It's a bit like the Captain's log from Star Trek, by recording all these personal videos, people are able to look back and reflect on their thoughts, thereby allowing them to grow personally, and get more meaning from their life.

It's a bold undertaking, and there are some interesting tools which can help members to really get a clearer picture of their lives. Whenever a member records a video, there are 2 additional sections which when completed, will begin to activate the mood analysis system inside Mindlogr.

The two sections are topic tags, and moods. Topic tags are much like keyword phrases one might enter in a YouTube video, or for notes on Evernote, small phrases which help you categorize the video recordings. Moods is quite a simple mood level bar which users can mark on a slide from 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest moods through to 10 being "Super Cool" as the system put's it.

By doing this, over time, members will be able to see some really interesting metrics, together with their weather data recording as they record their videos. Users get to see how weather affects their moods with different weather patterns showing different mood bands.

Members can also see how their mood are affected over the different hours of a day, but what is the most interesting is how mood begins to correlate with topic tags to show what areas of life are making people happy and what areas are making them sad.
This can be quite revealing as often times we can't see the obvious truths that are closest to us, but by going through this process of recording, reflecting and then remembering, one can really get to the depth of problems and get more meaning from them.

Mindlogr is a free platform with a premium service that also provides some additional abilities such as cloud storage, thereby allowing all your recorded videos to be stored in your cloud drive of choice, and also gives members the ability to create shared video logs, which was something added because current members wanted a way to be able to send video messages or create shared video logs. One example of this use is for parents with new babies to start recording their children's life as he or she grows up.

Other features include linking to other life logging platforms and devices to pull more health and fitness data to provide users with the ability to cross reference how this other information fits into their lives and affects their moods.

As a thank you all the current members of the site so far, Mindlogr upgraded all accounts to premium as part of this re-branding exercise. In a short space of 6 months, Mindlogr has managed to attract over 2500 registered users, so there's clearly something in it!

For more details about the new Mindlogr brand and platform, contact Mindlogr.com