KidsWorldMD exposes Seborrheic Dermatitia, commonly called Cradle Cap,

August 20, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
What are the white, greasy scales on the baby's head? Should the parents be alarmed? KidsWorldMd is available whenever parents have concerns and are looking for health information. It is free, and parents can access information when they are ready and at their own pace. KidsWorldMD recognizes that parents have different learning styles, and their foundation of knowledge is uniquely based on their education and experience. understands that parents are usually excited with the arrival of their newborn baby. The nine months of waiting and anticipation are over. For the first time they get to see this little,"mystery" person that they have nurtured,loved and expected for nine long months. The mystery unfolds. The parents get to examine the infant over and over and appreciate this new addition to their family. They examine the physical features and can usually tell what features the baby took from each parents or grandparent. As they absorb the physical appearance their attention may turn to the minute details.

After a few days, the parents may notice very dry skin on certain areas of the body and on the scalp. Anxiously, they call their health care provider for answers. After examining the baby, the physician rule out possible causes, and diagnose seborrheic dermatitia. The parents may become overwhelmed with the diagnosis. Some may ask if it is contagious or hurt the baby. Others may leave the office wondering how common this condition is and whether it can be cured. kidsWorldMD has compiled a featured article on seborrheic dermatitia commonly called cradle cap.Some possible causes are explored as well as common treatments.

It is reassuring for parents to know that cradle cap is a common condition in newborn infants and that it usually clears up within the first year. It is also helpful to know that it is not confined only to the scalp but may be present on the face, neck, arms as well as the diaper areas.,P01893

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