CAI Safety Systems Offers New Way to Meet OSHA Requirements

August 16, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Corona, CA CAI Safety Systems, which provides manufacturing, installation and training to protect workers from falling on the job, has new annual certification standards according to OSHA fall protection rules.

The guidelines include a step-by-step process designed for fall protection safety, including guardrail systems. First, the company requires an on-site survey and inspection of the property to design the most effective fall arrest system needed to pass OSHA guidelines. Representatives from CAI Safety Systems also interview personnel and conduct up-to-date fall restraint training to ensure the equipment is used properly. The company gives businesses a written report of its findings according to a fall hierarchy, the most important of which being preventing the fall altogether. CAI Safety Systems starts with eliminating potential problem areas, then moves on to fall prevention, fall restraint and fall arrest. This update occurs annually to ensure every company passes inspection and keeps employee safety a priority. "We will help you schedule certification without downtime to your operation," a company spokesperson said. The goal is to make it easier for business owners to follow through on fall protection system inspections every year.

In addition to this new, streamlined inspection system, CAI Safety Systems designs, manufactures and installs all equipment related to protecting workers from falls on the job. The company has guardrails, safety gates, fall protection anchors and fall protection training that are designed to fit perfectly into every company's safety regimen. It offers protection for workers, whether they are working on a roof, aircraft, bus, crane or ladder.

About CAI Safety Systems
Since 1997, CAI Safety Systems has operated effective safety systems in some of the harshest work environments. The company offers comprehensive guides and equipment for every safety fall protection system, both for installed equipment and portable fall protection. The company works closely with OSHA to design its equipment and provide customers with comprehensive training that will always pass inspection. For more detail please visit,