Esprit Wellness Introduces Posture Ray Digital X-Ray Diagnostics

August 19, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Esprit Wellness is one of the first Manhattan chiropractors and New York physical therapy centers to introduce the new digital x-ray technology for postural assessment. The technology allows diagnostics to be much more accurate and immediate, and can save pain and treatment in the long run.

Postural treatment has typically required a detailed and slightly invasive examination that lasts from a half an hour to more than an hour, but this treatment allows doctors to comprehensively analyze and pinpoint spinal deviation in less than three minutes. The machine also creates a detailed report that includes a written and a graphic portion to help the doctor explain the problems to the patient. This material can greatly help the patient take care of their health between visits to the doctor, and have significantly reduced the gap between doctor's knowledge and patient understanding.

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Esprit Wellness
Dr. Sid founded Esprit Wellness is based in Midtown Manhattan on the concept that integral care should be provided on an individual basis for patients, and offers Manhattan physical therapy and NYC chiropractor services. The center is a multi-specialty physical medicine outpatient wellness practice that offers a team approach to treatment and has specialists trained in rehab, wellness, pain and more, and all of their treatments are non-invasive. Dr. Side does not advocate treating pain with drugs or surgery, and neither is used in any of their treatments. With the help of new technologies, like a digital x-ray system, patients can be diagnosed much more efficiently and correctly early on before invasive surgery is necessary.