Attentive Antivirus Brings Passion Back for Cybercrooks Looking to Exploit Victimized PC Users

August 21, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The program called Attentive Antivirus has been dubbed a rogue antivirus application reminiscent of older FakeAV applications that plagued thousands of PC users around the world. The Attentive Antivirus program performs much of its misleading actions when it is first loaded onto a PC either through a Trojan or malicious downloaded from the Internet.

Once loaded, Attentive Antivirus will start to exhibit signs of scanning a PC for viruses and other malware threats. It will then return falsified scan results along with several pop-ups that mislead PC users into thinking their system is severely infected. These false positives, known as an old-school technique for tricking PC users, still prove to be extremely effective to extort money from unsuspecting computer users.

Attentive Antivirus has a stubborn side that researchers have outlined in several recent reports. This side involves the inability for most PC users to uninstall the application. Attentive Antivirus was initially created by hackers so that it cannot be easily removed from a computer, which may lead to other issues.

As a solution, has released information and exclusive resources that assist PC users of any experience level to remove malware and fake antivirus applications like Attentive Antivirus. The latest removal report at provides the means for safely detecting and removing all associated files and applications of Attentive Antivirus from a Windows PC.

Much like other well-known rogue antivirus programs, such as System Care Antivirus and My Safe PC 2014, has assisted PC users with removal through exclusive reports posted on almost a daily basis. These reports are constantly updated with the latest pertinent information to better guide PC users along the path to a malware-free computer.

Probably the best aspect of utilizing resources on's latest removal reports is that PC users are able to rid other emerging malware threats at the same time as they uninstall the Attentive Antivirus application. This proves to be a winning scenario for most PC users who seek a solution to removing malware of virtually any type from their system.