PC Defender 360 (Rogue Antispyware) Fails at Defending Against Malware

August 21, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The PC Defender 360 application is one that introduces a new breed of rogue antispyware programs into the mix of other malware threats. The PC Defender 360 is different in that it utilizes the interface look similar to that of the Windows 8 operating system.

Many times hackers or cybercrooks will create fake security applications to mimic or resemble legitimate programs or operating systems so they will naturally be trusted by gullible PC users. This is the case with PC Defender 360 in knowing how it uses the tiles and colors reminiscent of Windows 8. In doing this, PC Defender 360 will pass itself off as something familiar to many Windows 8 PC users. This will make it seem as if PC Defender 360 is a usable program for the detection and removal of malware.

The actions performed by PC Defender 360 are ones to further convince PC users that they must purchase a registered copy of PC Defender 360 to remove the threats that it supposedly finds on ones system. These alerts come in the form of pop-up notifications and system scan results. The PC Defender 360 program will attempt to scan a system that it is installed on while it returns many bogus results used as a scare technique. PC Defender 360 is a part of a group of rogue antispyware programs such as Windows Malware Firewall, Win 7 Defender, System Care Antivirus, among others.

Once PC users are convinced of their system being infected by means of PC Defender 360's pop-ups and system scan results, they may make the mistake of buying a registered copy of the PC Defender 360 program for an outrageous fee. After doing so, the PC user then discovers that PC Defender 360 is a failure at defending against malware infections.

Then result of purchasing PC Defender 360 usually has the PC user picking up the phone to get their credit card charges reversed but in some cases it is too late. For the removal of PC Defender 360, the EnigmaSoftware.com security site has released a removal report to assist PC users. Through the latest released removal report at http://www.enigmasoftware.com/pcdefender360-removal/, PC users of virtually any experience level are able to rid their system of the bogus security program PC Defender 360.

After utilizing the resources provided on the removal report for PC Defender 360 linked above, PC users will also find peace in knowing that their system is free from virtually all known malware infections, which may or may not have been installed with PC Defender 360. Because PC Defender 360 is known to come from malicious sources on the internet, it may be possible of other malicious files slipping on to a system that has PC Defender 360 installed.