IT Acceleration Announces SmartHosting Cloud Service

August 24, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
IT Acceleration, a Chester County, PA technology management company is pleased to announce the opening of their regional data hosting center for companies seeking comprehensive cloud services. The SmartHosting Cloud Service provides all the support and flexibility businesses need when seeking to migrate their network operations to the cloud.

Many of the cloud offerings fall short on services which companies require to operate. IT Acceleration has taken their IT support model to the cloud by offering the same services they now support within their client's offices and offering these to SmartHosting subscribers.

"Clients were interested in what the cloud could provide and many were intrigued by the potential cost savings. We researched many of these including Microsoft Office 365 and found that many of the features and services these companies rely on are not provided by these cloud vendors. This is why we created SmartHosting," says David Yarnall, president of IT Acceleration, Inc. "Aside from that, the issue of security and the discomfort of their data not being within arm's reach continues to leave clients skeptical of cloud computing. We've change this by offering our cloud computing services locally using the same IT helpdesk and network engineering group that support our traditional self-hosted clients."

In reality, cloud computing has been around since the inception of the internet. Any service provided by a server and accessed over the internet is cloud computing. The original bulletin board servers like CompuServe, AOL, Hotmail, Salesforce and YouTube are all examples of cloud computing.

Cloud Computing has become popular due to the significant increase in internet speeds and the lower cost for hardware, allowing vendors to offer these services and thus eliminate the need for clients to purchase hardware and maintain the systems in-house. IT Acceleration has taken the cloud service to a new level by providing responsive helpdesk services, consulting assistance, integration of third-party applications and file-by-file backup. They provide this functionality from a local datacenter with its own redundancy and monitoring. "The only thing that changed is our clients no longer have to upgrade their systems or maintain them in-house. We take care of all that with a monthly subscription fee", added Yarnall.

The IT Acceleration data center is comprised of redundant systems, SAN storage and nightly backups providing flexibility and growth. The center is housed in a secured data center with diesel generator backup and environmental controls. "It is everything you would expect when migrating to the cloud but it's here, it's local, and our people will know you and your company", Yarnall stated.

About IT Acceleration

Established in 2002, IT Acceleration is a full service tech management company specializing in outsource IT services, digital forensics, SmartHosting and eRISK remediation. Their goal is to provide efficient and responsive technical support while maintaining reliable systems to ensure data integrity and access. Visit their website, for more information on SmartHosting or any of their other services.