Wants to Determine Everyone's Alarm Clock Personality

August 27, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Identifying Personality Types by Observing Alarm Clock Choices is a website widely known for both irony and humor, and their latest study is perfectly aligned with the site's penchant for humorous clock research. Here are a few statistics and alarm clock personalities outlined on the site's blog.

The Mobile Phone Addict

Research has shown that 83 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 29 use their mobile phones to wake up in the morning. The site's graphic image associated with this personality type is quite funny. It depicts a shrine for a mobile phone complete with candles. Everyone knows someone who is addicted to their mobile phone. It wouldn't be shocking to find out that they not only use it as an alarm clock, but they may indeed have a special place for their precious phone to rest at night.

The Overachiever

Although many people choose to use their phones to wake up in the morning, some people are just not sure the alarm will go off on time, so they get up before the alarm goes off. This is also the true for those who use traditional alarm clocks. According to's research, 24 percent of alarm clock users wake up before their alarms go off. This personality type includes people who are deeply fearful of not getting to work or school on time.

Because there is a certain amount of fear associated with being late, some people prefer an alarm clock that features a snooze button.'s research has shown that women hit the snooze button slightly more than men, and approximately 5 percent of women are not fully awake after hitting the snooze button four times. Conversely, men are 100 percent awake after hitting the snooze button just a few times. However, 10 percent of both men and women completely ignore their alarms at least three times in the morning.

Snooze buttons and mobile phones are modern gadgets compared to what prior generations used as alarms. Old-fashioned alarm clocks tend to make annoying ticking sounds, and the bells on the tops of these old clocks are quite loud. Surprisingly, 23 percent of alarm clock users still use these old relics to wake themselves up in the morning. Additionally, 14.9 percent of the people studied still use clock radios to wake up each day.

The Naturalist

Waking up is hard for many people. However, some people don't need anything but their biological clocks to get up in the morning. Apparently, 50 percent of people over the age of 55 can rise each morning without an alarm clock. Although most of the older folks wake up early each day, it seems that younger people only get up early when they have to.

Mr. Working for the Weekend's research has shown that 83 percent of alarm clock users get up early on weekdays, but they tend to ditch the alarm when the weekend arrives. Since so many people fall into this category, it's not surprising that they have trouble getting up on Monday mornings. Sleep habits are often featured on the website's blog.

The site's owner is Tom Churm. When asked about the alarm clock personality types highlighted on his site, he said, "Many people loathe hearing the sound of their alarm clocks in the morning. I wanted to be able to use a bit of humor while covering some very interesting alarm clock statistics. This way, the visitors of my site could identify with one of the alarm clock personalities and laugh about it. Humor tends to lighten the burden of having to get up at a certain time each day."

Perhaps the site's owner is also trying to let people know that while they may find alarm clock sounds to be unpleasant, his site offers alarms that can be quite pleasing to the ear. The site also offers sounds that can ease people into a peaceful slumber. Of course, there are some people who can only wake up by using the loudest of alarm sounds. Extremely loud beeping and buzzing alarms are also available on this site's virtual playground of alarm clocks. For those who detest the sound of a conventional alarm, the site is worth exploring. They will also find it fun to identify with the alarm clock personality types outlined on the website's blog. Nearly everyone will see themselves or someone they know in the site's humorous alarm clock study.

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