KidsWorldMD announced its series of articles to prepare parents and students for the new school year.

August 27, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News understands that going to school is just as anxiety ridden for parents as it is for the students. Children are worried if they will have friends and if the teacher will like them, as well as their ability to adjust to the rigid school schedule. They are fearful of their ability to keep up with the rest of the class. They are fearful of known and unknown variables. Parents are worried if other students will be hurting their child, will he or she be lonely, or can the teacher adequately care for their child. features information to let parents and children know that this is a normal feeling. Their fears and anxiety are real and shared by many.

To help parents and students, has put together a series of articles that can help parents and children to be ready for the school year. For some students that may have taken a vacation from their regular sleep schedule this is the time to get back to a routine. The recommended amount of hours a child sleepss depends on their age and overall health. also offers tips to help the parents establish a sleep schedule and tips for the child to help him or her get the needed rest for proper growth and development.

KidsWorldMD featured an article about the dreaded annual physical examination that many children undergo at the beginning of the school year. While it may not be pleasant, it is important to get immunizations up to date and to ensure that there are no limitations on physical activities. KidsWorldMD offers many tips that parents can implement to get their children involved in the process and help to reduce their fears. Instead of being afraid, children can be an active participant in the annual medical examination. is packed with helpful information to reduce the anxiety of getting parents and students ready for the new school year. It is current, reliable and it is free. It is designed especially for children, parents and health care providers. is a source of health information and is not intended to treat or replace medical care.