Smart Survival Kits Announces Launch of Disaster Preparedness Online Store for Everyday People

August 29, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Emergency preparedness and natural disaster survival, once reserved for doomsday preppers and extreme survivalists, has gone mainstream. Fueled by a recent increase in the frequency and severity of weather-related events, everyday people are starting to take steps to protect themselves and their loves ones against the destructive power of nature.

A recent study from Munich Re, the world's largest reinsurance firm, found that the number of natural disasters per year has been rising dramatically in all continents since 1980. This increase is steepest in North America, where hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, scorching heat, and droughts have battered many communities. The study sees climate change as a major contributor to this phenomenon and predicts those influences will continue in years to come.

"I never imagined I'd own a survival kit, but with all those natural disasters taking place recently I finally decided to get one just in case," said Laura Connors, a mother of two who recently bought a survival kit for her home. Ms. Connors isn't alone. Sales of disaster survival kits and emergency preparedness supplies are on the rise, with some retailers experiencing sales increases of more than 50% in the past year.

This shift to the mainstream has inspired entrepreneurs such as Diego Norris to open emergency preparedness businesses that are targeted to everyday people a new for the industry. Mr. Norris, founder and general manager of Smart Survival Kits, an e-commerce company that sells survival kits and supplies, is on a mission to take the fear out of emergency preparedness and make shopping for a survival kit easier and less intimidating.

"I decided to open Smart Survival Kits because I felt that there was a need for a legitimate emergency preparedness website that didn't resort to fear mongering or similar scare tactics" said Mr. Norris. His website was designed from the ground up to serve the needs of people like Ms. Connors. With a wide assortment of emergency preparedness supplies specially selected to serve the needs of everyday people and helpful features such as the Quick Product Finder tool, Smart Survival Kits is quickly becoming a consumer favorite.

Smart Survival Kits is proud to be a leader in emergency preparedness supplies for the average household. Having a survival kit in your home, classroom, work, or car can be critical in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency.

About Smart Survival Kits
Smart Survival Kits is an online retailer of survival kits and emergency preparedness supplies. We offer everything you need to protect your family, employees, or students from natural disasters and other emergencies.