Nit Free Noggins Wants Parents To Take Part In Lice Detection

August 31, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
CHICAGO - Oftentimes parents aren't aware of their child's lice infestation until they receive a note from a school nurse warning that there has been an outbreak. Nit Free Noggins works closely with parents and children to make sure parents are informed and kids are treated as quickly as possible.

Parents And Lice

Many parents fear that if their children catch lice it is a sign of bad parenting because sometimes kids will have been scratching their heads for weeks before parents realize it's lice. It is simply not true, however, that delayed diagnosis means bad parenting because anyone can catch lice. Lice attaches to any host, regardless of age, hygiene level, or socioeconomic condition.

Instead of fretting over fears of bad parenting, the best thing to do is to be familiar with lice and know how to detect it.

Detecting Lice At Home

Parents frequently act as the frontlines for lice containment. As such it is important to know how to identify lice when they are present on a child's scalp. Whether kids have been scratching their heads for weeks and weeks, or a nurse has sent home a notification about an outbreak at school, the first step is to conduct an examination of the child's head.

"Parents are perfectly capable of checking their kids' heads," says Carrie Madej, owner of Nit Free Noggins. "When parents check their kids' heads, it really helps kids to feel more at ease with the whole situation. And when outbreaks occur, parents' early detection can be invaluable in containment."

To check for lice, parents need a lice comb-a regular fine toothed comb will not suffice, it needs to be the ultra-fine steel tooth lice comb. Wet the child's hair. Not to soaking or dripping, just wet enough for easier combing. Mixing a small amount of conditioner into the water will further make combing easier.

Comb hair in small sections, clipping long hair if necessary. Comb from multiple directions to make sure lice and nits are caught in the comb. Wipe the comb on a light colored towel or tissue. Lice and nits will be evident on the towel if they are present.

About Nit Free Noggins

Nit Free Noggins is owned by Carrie Madej. Madej uses innovative AirAllé technology to treat lice infestations. Based in Chicago, there is a secondary location in Wheeling, Illinois. Devoted to containing outbreaks as well as keeping families informed, Nit Free Noggins keeps their website updated on ongoing outbreaks.