Pharmaceutical Machine Manufacturing Company builds Laboratory to Support Research and Development

September 04, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Right Stuff Equipment and Dr. Pharm USA have built a small lab for researching and analyzing different powder and formulation properties. The goal of the lab is to provide prospective customers with analytical results of the formulations and powders that will eventually be used in the capsule fillers and tablet presses. If the formulations are optimized before running production, the output can be maximized while decreasing the yield loss in the process. We can now help give customers solutions and insights on formulation problems, to help make encapsulation and tableting run smoothly. The Lab includes:

  • Ro-Tap - This is a sieve shaker to analyze particle size of powders and formulations.
  • V-mixer - For blending small batches of formulations
  • Aero-Flow Automated Powder Flowability Analyzer
  • Follow the flowability and cohesion properties of powders
  • Track powder blends
  • Evaluate the effects of flow agents
  • Evaluate the effects on particle shape and size on flowability
  • Small Powder oven for drying after wet granulation
  • Precision Scales, microscopes, and many other typical lab utensils

  • Right Stuff Equipment's goal is to provide solutions to your manufacturing process. For nuetraceutical and pharmaceutical manufactures this begins with the proper formulations. By presenting your capsule filler/tablet press machine with a formula that has been optimized, both machines will produce product that is accurate and consistent.