Larada Sciences: September Is National Head Lice Prevention Month

September 10, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
SALT LAKE CITY, September 10, 2013 Larada Sciences, a leader in the professional lice-treatment industry and developer of the FDA-cleared AirAllé (pronounced air-a-lay) lice-removal device, is working to eradicate the nightmare of head lice in homes and in schools. As the fall school season commences, the company is accelerating its efforts to make schools and parents aware of available and effective lice treatments.

Whereas traditional treatments often involve toxic chemicals and multiple treatments, the AirAllé method is a safe, highly effective, one-time treatment that kills head lice and nits with just heated air. The device is 99.2 percent effective at killing the lice eggs, the hardest part of a complete lice treatment.

Head Lice Facts

Head lice are insects that feast on human blood. Lice can live up to 30 days on a human host, but will die within two days if removed from their food supply. They typically dwell at the roots of hair close to the scalp where they can stay warm, and feed multiple times per day.

Lice are spread primarily through head-to-head contact, crawling from one host to another when contact is made.

Head Lice Among Children

Children are the most common sufferers of head lice, due to frequent head-to-head contact in play. This can create a difficult challenge for schools. Many schools have a "no nit" policy, meaning even if all hatched lice are removed from infested children, students are not allowed to attend school again until all eggs (often called nits) are also removed, to prevent re-infestation. This is why awareness is vital and understanding of removal methods is key.

Treating Head Lice With The AirAllé Device

There are many treatments that kill head lice, but because most are less effective at killing the eggs, retreatments are commonly needed after the eggs hatch. Furthermore, lice are quickly developing resistance to many over-the-counter and even prescription treatments, making them less effective.

In 30 minutes, the AirAllé device dehydrates lice and nits by directing heated air along the scalp and base of the hair. The device is then followed by a post-treatment comb-out to remove the dead lice and eggs.
After a single treatment, children will be able to return to their activities, confident that they have taken care of their head lice.

AirAllé devices are used in many schools across the country, as well as in professional treatment centers worldwide.

About the Company
Larada Sciences is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based company dedicated to the eradication of #headlice. It has built the world's largest network of lice-removal professionals. The AirAllé device is its flagship product. Learn more about the AirAllé device at #lice #pediculosis #licetreatment
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