Driving Has Become More User-Friendly Thanks To BMW Navigation DVD

September 17, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Now more and more people have their own cars, and fewer and fewer people want to take bus. To some new car owners, it is a big problem for them to find their ways, and may waste a lot of time on the road. Autocarplaza is a professional car dvd navigation online shopping store, people can get up to 58% off for dvd navigation, such as BMW X5 navigation.

Driving Has Become More User-Friendly

Thanks to BMW Navigation DVD, driving has become easier and friendly. Gone are the days , when a person had to rely on clumsy, cumbersome and detailed maps and sign posts to find direction. Many drivers, understand the trouble one has to go through when driving in an unfamiliar region. This inconvenience will affect both an experienced as well as a novice driver. Traditionally, a person seeking directions had to either keep asking every Tom, Dick and Harry for directions, or rely on road signs and maps that proved quite unreliable. More often than not, the road signage and signposts were either less detailed or inaccurate. Reading a map requires a bit of knowledge hence is not suitable for an ordinary person.

However, the navigation system from BMW has completely put the shortcomings to rest. The navigation DVD enables a driver find directions easily and conveniently. The navigation system features digital road maps that have been created in three dimensional (3D) format. The digital maps are vividly and clearly presented using a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen. The clear images ensure that the driver does not strain His/her eyes when following the directions. The navigation not only displays road maps, but also provides additional information. This information will include location of amenities within an area, the distance to be covered, among other features. The driver is also notified of His location at all times.

The Navigation DVD comes with a number of features. These include Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) tracking, built-in GPS DVD drive, advanced security features, and much more. The device also doubles up as a DVD player as well as a fully incorporated sound system. The digital maps are updated on regular basis. This ensures that the directions, landmark identifiers, routes , and many other features are up to date. The navigation system is compact and lightweight, it will easily fit in the dashboard of most cars without causing any protrusion. The system also comes in authentic and elegant designs that augment the car's interior.

Since the navigation system is made to fit a car's dashboard as a standard accessory, It will feature in most BMW vehicles. The navigation system is compatible with most of BMW's State of The Art devices. Some of the devices include BMW Navigation computer and BMW High version DVD map. The device will only work with authentic BMW products. Cheap knockoffs will take time to load and will also run slower. It is therefore important to source the Navigation system from authorised dealers. Reliable dealers who stock the navigation DVD will also offer AUDI Navigation and much more.

The BMW X5 Navigation can also be voice activated hence offering hands free service. A person who values his time or is usually driving to new regions will find the navigation system ideal. The device will also come handy in locating an Automated Teller Machine (ATM), restaurant, bank, BMW dealers, gas stations and other amenities. The Navigation DVD from BMW will not only give a user directions, but will also offer a stress free driving experience.