Insightlink Helps Clients Maximize Human Resources

September 12, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Palm Springs, CA Insightlink, a company specializing in providing employee surveys that help clients maximize their human resources, has also helped many leading organizations increase profitability through increased productivity. By implementing a strategic action plan based on the results of Insightlink's employee surveys, companies have been able to make a substantial increase in overall job satisfaction and shift some of their "Dissatisfied Compromisers" into becoming "Committed Loyalists."

"Dissatisfied Compromisers" those employees who are not satisfied with their jobs but still plan to stay can have a dramatic impact on an organization. When dissatisfied employees stay for lack of viable options, they are often unable or unwilling to pull their weight, which drives down productivity. This usually further reduces morale because their co-workers are resentful at having to pick up the slack. Insightlink's employee satisfaction surveys allow management to see what is causing these difficulties and makes recommendations on how address these problems so that dissatisfaction does not spread to other employees, compromising productivity and performance.

While there is no instant solution for employee engagement, Insightlink's years of experience with organizations of different sizes and within various industries, reveal clear connections between employee engagement, organizational strength and customer satisfaction. Insightlink's 4Cs Employee Engagement Survey offers a comprehensive diagnostic tool to determine how employees feel on all "4Cs" of employee satisfaction: Communications, Culture, Commitment and Compensation.

Insightlink offers a variety of professional services that can help organizations both improve employee engagement and evaluate their reasons for leaving. Providing clients with specially developed employee satisfaction surveys, Insightlink has helped companies identify areas of improvement and increase employee engagement, thus increasing the overall strength of an organization.

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