Alginol, New Bestseller Product, Introduced by Advanced Bionutritionals

September 13, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Norcross, GA - Advanced Bionutritionals, a Georgia-based company selling a wide range of nutraceuticals, has recently introduced its new bestseller: Alginol. Some studies have shown that the antioxidant, extracted from compounds in red and brown sea algae, boosts health in numerous important realms.

The sea algae extract contained in Alginol is called Seanol, so named by the scientists working on it. Among its properties as an antioxidant, the extract has an incredibly high Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity, meaning that it can trap many more free radicals than antioxidants found in fruits such as blueberries or acai. With such a high ORAC score, Seanol provides the equivalent of a whole day's antioxidant needs in just one nutrient. In terms of its health benefits, the extract is said to balance blood sugar, provide joint support and lower inflammation, help people lose weight, and increase sexual performance. Looking at the support for lowering blood sugar, in particular, this supplement can also help by inhibiting an enzyme called Aldose Reductase, which can damage eyes and nerves. Additional supplements that lower blood sugar, a particular concern in the United States at the moment, include Ubiquinol and others that contain COQ10.

While Seanol can be found in other supplements, Alginol contains the pure extract, giving consumers the best access to its health properties. Doctor Robert J. Rowen states that it is a "miraculous superfood" and that he recommends it for "every one of his patients and readers." Additionally, Advanced Bionutritionals provides links to the studies on Seanol that show its impressive health benefits. In addition to selling Alginol, the company sells many other nutraceuticals designed to help customers with everything from bone support to prostate health to detoxification.

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