Valiant Recovery Introduces Executive Program to Its Rehabilitation Center

September 13, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Kelowna, British Colombia Alcohol and drug treatment center Valiant Recovery recently announced its new program to help executives or other people in positions of power to overcome addiction. The program is designed to specifically address how business leaders may turn to alcohol or drugs as a means to let off stress and to aid clients in examining how they might handle that stress without substance abuse.

While all of Valiant's treatment programs, whether for drug addiction, alcohol help, or sex addiction, encompass therapy and examination of the patterns in one's life, the executive program incorporates a certain level of luxury into clients' experience. Clients are provided with smaller or individual treatment sessions, well-decorated facilities, and a range of therapy options. Counseling sessions are tailored to help businessmen and women uncover the reasons for their addictions, delving into past wounds in order to help clients find a way to manage job stress and overcome any past trauma. As stated by a company spokesperson, "The executive drug rehab program at Valiant Recovery is intended to open those wounds, and allow them to finally heal completely." The company states that this will lessen the chance of clients relapsing.

In addition to the executive program, this Christian rehab center offers a variety of other treatment options for those suffering from addiction. Individuals may either check in independently or be brought to the treatment center by family members concerned by alcoholism signs or drug dependence. Valiant offers counseling for a variety of addictive drugs, designing therapy sessions to cope with the debilitating effects of each substance, as well as offering interventionist services. They also provide mental health services and are a dual diagnosis treatment center, meaning they're able to treat clients who struggle with both mental health and chemical dependency.

About Valiant Recovery
As a full service rehab center, Valiant Recovery serves a wide array of clients not only from Canada but from all over the world. They support clients trying to overcome alcohol, drug, or sex addictions and provide several simple diagnostic tools on their website to help individuals and families find support. For more detail please visit,