Is My Start-up Fundable? - Invaluable Insights and Proven Advice for Securing Venture Funding

September 17, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Carlsbad, CA (September 17, 2013) - "Is My Start-up Fundable?" This is something all would be entrepreneurs want to know. In reality, most first-time entrepreneurs lack any venture funding knowledge and the associated real-world experience required to answer this question. In his new book "Is My Start-up Fundable?," Robert Ochtel answers this question and many others, while at the same time providing first-time entrepreneurs invaluable insights and proven advice for securing venture funding for their start-up companies.

You will learn:
  • What venture investors look for in a "fundable" start-up company.
  • Required key elements of business planning for your start-up company.
  • What venture capitalists consider when reviewing your start-up company's business plan.
  • How to prepare, approach, and present your start-up company to venture capital investors.
  • How to secure venture funding for your start-up company.

  • Based on over 20 years funding experience, "Is My Start-up Fundable?" provides invaluable insights and proven advice for entrepreneurs looking to secure venture funding for their start-ups. All aspects of start-up funding from business concept creation through securing funding are covered. Independently delineated, the topics presented in this book address the broad spectrum of diverse and disparate issues facing start-up companies, all of which first-time entrepreneurs need to have an intimate knowledge of in order to secure venture funding.

    Robert Ochtel is a successful entrepreneur that has raised over $50M in venture capital from such firms as Sequoia Capital, Brentwood Associates, Oak Investment Partners, AT&T Ventures and Intel. The author has written many articles that have been published in various local and national publications.

    "Is My Start-up Fundable?" is available for $24.95 from Amazon.

    Is My Start-up Fundable Invaluable Insights and Proven Advice for Securing Venture Funding by Robert T. Ochtel, Original edition. 6" x 9", 292 pages. ISBN 978-0-615-85475-5. $24.95. For a Press Kit send an email to Robert@carlsbad-t.gom.