Seasoned Co-Principal to Harmonise with YCIS Shanghai

September 23, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
The Yew Chung International School of Shanghai (YCIS Shanghai) has recently welcomed Dr. Richard Swann to the position of Co-Principal in their Gubei Secondary Section. Swann will add his knowledge of music and education to the Western Co-Principal position, and hopes to add on to the engaging environment that YCIS encompasses.

Dr. Swann is enthusiastic about working with Vicki He, the Chinese co-principal, as he views the dual-principalship system as one of the most exciting aspects of YCIS education. And while Swann and He celebrated this year's International General Certification of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and International Baccalaureate (IB) outstanding exam results, they hope that their joined effort will provide an even more impressive outcome for next year.

YCIS Shanghai excitedly announced the induction of their new Co-Principal for their Gubei Secondary Section, Dr. Richard Swann, earlier this month. Dr. Swann has an impressive history in musical talent and education knowledge, holding a Doctorate in Music Education from Florida State University. He started his academic career with bachelor degrees in both Music and Education, moving on to a Masters of Education from the University of Western Australia. Going beyond standard degree education, he has received the IBDP Coordinator Level 2 Accreditation, a Certificate of International School Leadership, and is currently completing a Certificate of International School Business. Clearly Dr. Swann has a strong drive to be knowledgeable in the field of education.

Additionally, Dr. Swann has an impressive history with musical coordination, as he was the director of choral activities and lectured in the subjects of musicology, psychology and conducting at the School of Music at the University of Queensland. Then when he moved to Dubai, he acted as the school improvement manager, school curriculum coordinator and coordinator of instrumental and vocal music at the Deira International School there. As he stated, "Teaching is part of my life. I have some 35 years of teaching experience and I was also a practicing musician, a performer, a singer, a conductor and instrumentalist." Dr. Swann looks to include his understanding of various different education aspects into his position. When he discussed a principle's duties, he specified "Principalship covers many diverse responsibilities. Being approachable and being able to listen, I think, are the most important attributes that a principal can have."

As Swann proved to understand the diverse responsibilities that a principal's job entailed, he was excited about the prospect of sharing these responsibilities with Ms. Vicki He, the Chinese Co-Principal of the Gubei Section. YCIS structures itself to have a Western and Eastern dual-principalship, which allows a blending of cultures and teaching philosophies. This blending helps create a unique environment, one in which Dr. Swann believes that every student "has an opportunity to explore who they are, what they want to be and how the pathway at school will lead them in those directions."

Dr. Swann joins YCIS at an ideal time, as students performed exceptionally well once again in both the IGCSE and IB examinations. Within the YCIS Shanghai system, over 50% of the students received A or A* grades in the IGCSE exams. The top grade of an A* on the IGCSE exams was achieved by over 260 students; a huge accomplishment for both students and educators. In the IB exams, students obtained remarkable scores, which highlight the phenomenal academic ability and dedication of the year's class. The top score possible on an IB exam is 45, with the worldwide average of 2012 being 29.7. YCIS Shanghai was able to highly exceed this number with an average of 34.9. This above average scoring is a natural occurrence for YCIS Shanghai, as they again boasted a 100% diploma pass rate, with an astonishing third of graduates receiving a bilingual diploma.

With these impressive numbers, the graduating members of 2012 have set a high standard for the incoming year of students to achieve. However, Dr. Swann hopes that with the help of his Co-Principal partner Ms. He, they will be able to offer a new level of diversity and academic opportunity for their students. They are gearing up for an exciting year of bilingual education and academic excellence, and educational trips including the World Classroom Program and Education Outside the Classroom Program. Dr. Swann has welcomed the incoming challenge, declaring "There are many things to learn and many exciting challenges ahead of me. I am excited by the opportunity and look forward to contributing to the school."

About YCIS Shanghai
Yew Chung International School of Shanghai (YCIS Shanghai) offers the unique richness and diversity of both Western and Eastern cultures, equipping children to be bilingual, competitive, and caring global citizens. YCIS students are nurtured in a multicultural environment with a well-rounded and balanced education, which transforms them into global-thinking individuals. YCIS Shanghai has served the needs of Shanghai's expatriates since its establishment in 1993, with campuses in prime locations in Puxi and Pudong to accommodate the growing number of Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary students within the Shanghai expatriate community. The school serves more than 2500 students, ages 2 to 18, from over 50 countries. In recognition of the schools' longstanding commitment to providing a world-class, global education, YCIS was presented with the "Cambridge Award for Excellence in Education" in 2012, a top honour from the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). Notably, YCIS is the first, and only, group of schools in China to receive this award. YCIS is accredited by NEASC, CIS, and NCCT, and is authorised as a Cambridge International Examination Centre and an International Baccalaureate World School.