MFour Mobile Launches Revolutionary Advanced Reporting Tool

September 26, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
MFour is already changing how businesses get surveys with our mobile research tools, now we're poised to change how they use this data with an exciting new product that will give clients more freedom to organize information in a way that's meaningful to them.

Surveys help businesses make better decisions about their services and operations, but only if executives can understand the facts, figures, charts, graphs and other data this research generates. App-based research is already changing how surveys benefit companies. New options for organizing and customizing data will increase the advantages that point-of-emotion mobile research can provide.

MFour has launched a new advanced reporting tool that gives clients the opportunity to customize the presentation of data provided by our mobile research efforts. Clients will have more freedom to view data in a context that appeals to them, whether it's a pie chart, bar graph, histogram, etc. The new reporting tool also provides clients with the ability to create customized crosstabs instantly and export full summary reports of research data. As new results from our app-based research efforts comes in, the new information will be applied to your data and charts in real-time.

The ability to customize how information is presented will also help clients tailor how they present that information to others and allow them to better configure the information to respond to questions that company leaders, vendors, investors or other parties may have.

MFour has a panel of more than 300,000 users and we expect to reach 1 million in 2013. These panel members use MFour's mobile research app to immediately answer survey questions about various products, services, opinions and experiences. Because these panel members provide their opinions right when they form them immediately after trying on clothes, picking up take out, checking into a hotel, etc. you get the most accurate and timely reflection of their experience. This eliminates recall bias, which can skew results, from the equation.

MFour's new advanced reporting tool makes organizing and understanding this information easier for clients, enhancing its usefulness in spotting problems, recognizing strengths and planning new strategies. In an age where more and more businesses are using highly targeted data to refine their operations, point-of-emotion surveys and the ability to customize app-based research data to make it coherent and understandable for you and your management team provides a key advantage.

About MFour
MFour provides point-of-emotion surveys using the latest in mobile research technology, including surveys that include picture taking and video capture. Our research provides clients with accurate, timely information they can use to be more nimble in planning and executing company goals. For more information, visit or call 714-754-1234.