Hyalgan Injections are Now Being Offered by Total Health

October 03, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Total Health Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Center, a clinic that prides itself in providing the latest innovative techniques for pain relief, is pleased to announce that it now offers Hyalgan injections for knee pain. The injections combined with deep tissue laser therapy have proven to be an effective way to treat osteoarthritis, a common reason for knee pain.

Hyalgan injections are made from sodium hyaluronate, which is a chemical that is in the body. Hyalgan is completely different from oral drugs that are often prescribed for osteoarthritis pain. Because it is injected directly at the source of the pain, it does not go through the patient's blood stream, avoiding the risk of stomach bleeding and other unpleasant side effects that common pain medications may cause.

Patients that have received Hyalgan injections have enjoyed tremendous results in alleviating their knee pain. The treatment can be repeated for up to 30 months, helping to alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of osteoarthritis, which occurs when the cartilage in the knee begins to wear away, causing painful friction of the joints. Patients with osteoarthritis often experience debilitating pain and immobility, making it difficult to go about their daily routine.

Hyalgan works by providing the cushioning and lubrication in the knee that patients with osteoarthritis are missing. The injection is performed by our highly trained professionals and is administered directly into the knee. This medication has been used for the last 24 years and received approval by the FDA in 1997. This safe medication, which does not interfere with other treatments, has proven to provide many patients with the relief they desire from this painful condition.

Anyone that would like more information about Hyalgan injections can visit Total Health Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Center at http://www.nopainmed.com/ or call 1-973-377-6327.

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