CableWholesale Announces New Power Surge Protectors

October 08, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
CableWholesale, the online developer and distributer of quality, low priced custom cables, has announced the arrival of their latest line of surge protectors. The new surge protectors are designed with a whole host of innovative features, including a 360-degree rotating right angle plug, which allows for increased versatility. This comes as good news to people around the nation seeking high quality solutions to better protect their home electronics equipment from the devastating effects of electrical power surges.

Surge protectors have grown in significance over the last several decades, as more Americans rely on electronic devices at home, like computers, cable/satellite boxes, tablets and more. Numerous national safety organizations and manufacturers alike recommend power surge protectors to help mitigate the destructive force of electrical surges on sensitive electronic equipment, which experts estimate cost businesses and households tens of billions every year.

CableWholesale set out to increase both the flexibility and safety features of their latest lineup of surge protectors. In addition to the right angle flush fitting plug, with 360-degree rotating capabilities, the line includes new X3 fireproof MOVs to maximize the protection of user devices. All of the new protectors are equipped to handle any type of electrical surge, including surges created by lightning strikes.

The new line comes in a variety of options, from varying power cord lengths (4', 6', 10', 15', 25'), to color choices (black or grey) built to fit individual needs or preferences. Several selections also feature EMI & RFI, modem protection, with options to safeguard expensive cable/satellite equipment.

CableWholesale is proud of their latest power surge protector products. They recommend interested parties visit their website today for more information and to peruse their assortment of high quality, innovative products.

About CableWholesale:
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