Mobisante and UltraLinq Join Forces to Transform the Delivery of Point-of-Care Imaging

October 11, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions has announced a new partnership with Mobisante, maker of the MobiUS™ systems and market leaders in true point-of-care imaging. The integration of UltraLinq's cloud-based image management with the MobiUS devices enable providers to deliver remote diagnosis and second opinions while seamlessly sharing and archiving their images with other medical professionals. This approach facilitates quality assurance and billing, and is delivered in a secure and more flexible environment than a traditional PACS system, but at a fraction of the cost. The combination of the two creates an affordable and accessible complete ultrasound imaging solution like none ever seen in the point-of-care market.

UltraLinq and Mobisante are no strangers to market disruption. Mobisante is the creator of the first smartphone-based diagnostic device to be cleared by the FDA while UltraLinq completely changed the face of exam management by being the first to introduce a completely cloud-based platform with PACs-style tool functionality.

The establishment of the partnership is especially exciting for clinics and remote and under-served areas looking to incorporate POC ultrasound into their daily patient care protocols in an affordable and efficient manner. Disaster and emergency response teams as well as emergency physicians looking for a true point-of-care option will have a complete solution that will have minimal disruption on their workflow.

"The integrated solution will reduce the time and effort required for me to store images for both quality assurance and billing purposes, ultimately freeing me up to spend more time with patients and improving the efficiency of my workflow in the emergency department." said Bradley Younggren, Mobisante's CMO.

Ross Hoffman, CMO of UltraLinq also sees the partnership as a huge advancement for the imaging industry. "Healthcare today demands convenience, efficiency and accuracy. We are providing doctors and patients with powerful tools, which allow the patients to receive faster, and more accurate diagnoses. As a cardiologist, this tool kit removes all doubt for me; now, every time I evaluate a patient I can KNOW their heart function, all as part of a routine evaluation- and I can share the data in a HIPAA secure manner, as easily as delivering a posting on Facebook or Pinterest."

About Mobisante
Mobisante, based in Redmond, Washington, aims to transform medical imaging by making safe, simple, non-invasive, and affordable ultrasound technology available to a broad range of clinicians. This allows them to move imaging closer to the point of patient care, which has been shown to improve clinical outcomes and efficiency in healthcare delivery. By leveraging the steadily increasing power and ubiquity of advanced, standards based mobile computing technology, Mobisante,, is able to provide simpler, more flexible and lower cost solutions in contrast to the expensive and complex products that previously limited broad access to point of care medical imaging. Mobisante's first product, the MobiUS SP1, became the first smartphone-based ultrasound-imaging device to be cleared by the FDA.

About UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions Inc
UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions, Inc. ( is a customer-centric, affordable, and cloud-based medical image reviewing and management service. Through UltraLinq exams can be securely uploaded, reviewed, distributed, and archived from anywhere with Internet access.